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Healthcare Transitions

The Firm has the experience to guide clients through a healthcare transition

How We Can Help

The Firm is heavily involved in the healthcare transition industry. It represents routinely dentists, optometrists, veterinarians, medical doctors and other healthcare providers in their acquisition, sale, or start-up of professional practices, with a strong focus with dentists and optometrists. The industry has become very niche and the importance of engaging experienced and knowledgeable professionals is uniquely important. The Firm delivers this experience and knowledge to its clients, providing them with valuable advantages throughout the process. The Firm is also able to utilize its understanding of the industry as a whole, and the professionals that serve it, to guide its clients through the entire process. 

The Firm also supports its healthcare clients in the operation of their practices. The Firm’s services include corporate structuring, establishment of partnerships, associate contracts, employee matters and general contract review. The services provided by the Firm support its healthcare clients so that they can successfully acquire or sell a practice and achieve success post-closing.