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Successfully Representing Our Clients From The Design Phase Through The Construction Phase

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The Firm’s attorneys collectively have several decades of experience representing clients within the construction industry, from representing general contractors and subcontractors in performance and billing disputes involving large commercial projects, to the representation of aggrieved homeowners in matters involving negligently performed residential construction work.  Such experience is often a difference maker in construction law disputes, as the Firm’s significant understanding of both construction law and the construction industry as a whole sets the Firm apart from many others in the litigation field and often puts the Firm’s clients at an advantage in such construction law disputes.  Such a depth of knowledge and experience also allows the Firm to quickly identify and target specific issues within the construction field in order to craft client specific and cost effective strategies to address each client’s legal needs.    

The Firm also regularly assists its clients in the construction industry with the preparation, review and negotiation of construction contracts and often counsels clients on best practices for minimizing risk and exposure on a given project.  The Firm also has extensive experience in the field of mechanic’s liens and recovery for construction sums due, regularly litigating matters both in the furtherance and defense of such claims.

Over their respective careers involving the litigation of construction matters, the Firm’s attorneys have made their appreciation of the value of our clients’ sweat and hard work well known and, in doing so, have earned the reputation of aggressive and zealous advocates of our clients, regardless of the size of their business or scope of services they provide.