Attorneys at Law

The Firm

Bittiger Elias Triolo & Diehl is a firm dedicated to providing clients results-driven advocacy. Our mission is to bridge the gap between our clients’ goals and the legal system. We make our clients’ priorities, our priorities by approaching every case in a collaborative way with our clients through every step in the process. Applying this approach and philosophy has generated consistent success in achieving client-driven results.

The partners of the firm are Jason L. Bittiger, Esq., Paul M. Elias, Esq., Priscilla J. Triolo. Esq., and Robert A. Diehl, Esq. Their mix of legal experience, business experience, and diverse backgrounds provide our clients with access to a wide array of expertise, vision, and enthusiasm necessary to succeed. We use this diversity to serve various needs of our clients and to ensure the highest level of legal services are always provided to our clients.

Core Values

The firm’s greatest asset is our relationship with our clients. This core value defines our culture. Although no attorney can ever guarantee the outcome of a legal matter, we can guarantee that if given the opportunity, Bittiger Elias Triolo & Diehl will address your legal matter in a way that prioritizes your confidence in us, our work ethic and our ability to provide you excellent representation. This underscores the foundation of our relationship with our clients.

Service Area

While Bittiger Elias Triolo & Diehl is located in Paramus, New Jersey, we serve clients all across the State of New Jersey and the New York Metropolitan Area. Our attorneys are licensed in both states and practice in both the Federal and State courts.
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