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The Firm has an extended history of representing corporate clients involving complex commercial disputes and issues, with a specific focus on crafting cost effective strategies tailored to each client’s needs.   Having extensive experience in the resolution of commercial disputes, the Firm’s attorneys understand that commercial disputes involve much more than just the issue at hand and the Firm works with each of our clients to address possible ancillary issues which may arise and affect the client’s business operations.  Such a global analysis of commercial disputes has proven advantageous to the Firm’s clients again and again, as the Firm’s corporate clients understand that the Firm has their long term prosperity in mind and often continue to seek the guidance of the Firm long after their specific commercial dispute has been resolved.  

The Firm’s Commercial Law attorneys also regularly assist clients with the preparation, review and negotiation of various business contracts and, coupled with the Firm’s Employment Law Department, the Firm regularly assists clients with all of their commercial and employment contract related needs.The Firm also has extensive experience in the representation of clients in the context of business divorce and transition matters, and the Firm’s Commercial Law Department regularly works with the Professional Transitions Department to facilitate the sale and transfer of various business assets, as well as the negotiations involved with the division of business assets.