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The Firm has extensive experience with the prosecution and defense of various civil litigation matters and prides itself on identifying cost effective strategies to resolve such matters as quickly and efficiently as possible.   Such experience spans a diverse array of areas of the law, with our attorneys having successfully litigated and resolved matters involving consumer fraud claims, breach of contract disputes, business divorces and disputes, products liability claims, estate disputes and litigation, professional malpractice claims, banking compliance and financial services related litigation, creditor and debtors’ rights, and  personal injury and property damage matters.   

The Firm’s attorneys have an established reputation for their ability to pinpoint specific legal issues while recognizing and addressing more global client needs and considerations, such as long term business strategies or personal goals and development.  In doing so, the Firm has become well known for achieving personalized and cost effective results for its clients, who often continue to seek the Firm’s guidance and assistance with their professional and personal life decisions long after their litigated matter or issue has been resolved.